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building for everyone

Architecture cannot exist without people.

At assar, we believe in all-inclusive designs that meet the needs of all people, young and old, building for humanity in all its diversity.

We create architecture that is inspirational and evolutive, enabling easy movement and access for every type of user.

co-creating inclusion

Designing places and spaces for each individual’s activities, meeting their aspirations, while respecting the environment and integrating technologies and safety standards. None of this can be achieved without co-creation.

By combining our professional expertise as architects and urban planners with the insights and desires of users, the neighbourhood residents and institutions, a shared vision is co-created: architecture for everyone, that is deeply rooted in the present while looking to the future.

inclusion as an evolving concept

Our lives and work are continually changing as is our relationship with technology, energy, sustainability and the environment.

Inclusive architecture visualises and creates places where people feel comfortable and welcome, now and in the future.

people at the heart of inclusion

As architects, we consider the needs of people at every stage of their life, creating not one but a multitude of models.

By putting people at the heart of each project, the essence of inclusive architecture naturally manifests itself.

It is this approach that assar upholds in every one of its projects, whether in Belgium or abroad, without distinguishing between residential dwellings, offices, business premises, institutions, care homes or hospitals.

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